Welcome to Canberra Disabled Travel

Welcome to Canberra Disabled Travel for disability and accessibility information to Canberra attractions and accommodation.

Housekeeping. This is not a site for disabled travellers but a site for travellers who happen to have a disability. Like me. I have MS and share my getting about assistance between a cane and a wheelchair.

My name is Ian Heydon. Along with travelling with a disability I am also a writer who owns Small Guide Travel, a licensed Australian travel agency and member of the Travel Compensation Fund. Back in 2002 I wrote a book on exploring Australia called The Small Guide to A Big Country (hence the agency name). Following diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 I started to see travelling from a different perspective and the occasional hurdles thrown up at travellers with disabilities that need to be jumped, wheeled around or crashed through.

This site contains disability and accessibility information on Canberra’s many attractions, how to get around and where to stay. Canberra is arguably the country’s best destination for visitors with disabilities. All attractions have access and assistance facilities and, as a bonus, most of them are free!

Hope you enjoy your stay – both on this site, and in the nation’s capital!